How to be more attractive to women

How to be more attractive to women

How to be more attractive for women
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How to be more attractive to women? Some men are not born with good looks or charisma.
Actually, a lot of men are not born with either.
The appearance of your face is indeed essential for both genders alike. They’re not the most
important factor in searching for the right partner. The science behind the attraction between
two people is a complicated one that involves various elements that range from the smell you
emit and the form of your mouth to the color of your shirt.

Research has shown that changes in how you look, actions, even what you wear can increase
your attraction.
If you think of being more attractive for women, don’t alter your look by dyeing your hair,
going on fad diets, or a spray tan. Be the person you are and enhance your appearance with
these tested and scientific methods.

How to be more attractive to women?

Try these scientifically proven methods to attract your partner.

Make her laugh

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Everyone is looking for a partner that understands the humor in them. If you’re considered the
“funny guy,” make sure to take advantage of it as it is an excellent character to be more
attractive for women. In 2006, a 2006 report published by Evolution and Human
Behavior asked participants about their appreciation for the ability of their spouse to laugh at
them and was not surprising, revealing that women are genuinely interested in their partners’
Results revealed that women valued their partner’s sense of humor and the ability of their
partner to laugh. Men only valued their capacity to make their partners laugh.
If you can make them laugh, that’s a desirable characteristic.

Be a nice guy

The good guys do not make it to the top of the list. A study from 2016 by the University of
Guelph and Nipissing University surveyed 800 participants to understand the connection
between altruism and attraction and sexual sex. Researchers have asked respondents about
their sexual experiences and how often they perform selfless actions, like volunteering for
charity and donating blood.
It’s been discovered that people who are good at the cause of being nice are more likely to get
laid. While the study did not explore this aspect, we’d be willing to wager that selfless people
also love selflessly, considering their partner’s requirements.

Be a strong man (with muscles, but not too much)

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How to be more attractive to women? Are you trying to build your muscles to stay strong?
This is a positive thing. A study conducted by UCLA discovered that women rated “built”
males as more attractive than slim muscular guys and more prominent, more muscular guys.
Research has concluded that females prefer certain muscles. However, this isn’t an issue with gay dating websites in which men rate the appearance of a muscular physique to be the most
appealing feature in males.

A perfect walk

There is nothing more important than confidence to impress a woman. One of the most
effective methods to judge the confidence of a man is to watch the way they walk through the
street. Always move as if you are in control of your actions and where you’re headed.”
Nothing is more crucial than confidence to impress a woman. If you want to be more
attractive to women, you should have perfect postures. One of the most efficient ways to
assess the confidence of men is to observe how they move through the street. Always behave
as if you have control over your movements as well as where you’re going.”

Be altruistic

Giving back to others without thinking of yourself has been proved as more appealing than
nice looks for those seeking long-term relationships.
An investigation discovered that men with average looks who donated money to the homeless
were more appealing to women than better-looking men who walked across the street.
However, the opposite was not the case for women seeking a quick fling.

Choose a wide-legged posture.

In a photo on your profile for a dating app or how you appear at the bar, taking an open
posture can help people seem more at ease, a study found.
This implies that you should have your legs and arms in a forward direction rather than
folding them or crossing them. The concept is that comprehensive postures indicate
dominance and openness, often regarded as attractive.

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Wear Perfume

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The mere fact that you’re wearing a brand new scent can make you appear more confident
and make you seem more appealing to others.
Some women find wearing cologne or the signature scent attractive. However, not necessarily
because of the reasons you believe. According to a study that The International Journal of
Cosmetic Science published, it’s nothing to do with pheromones or natural odors at all. The
study found that people who received an aerosol of cologne had greater confidence and were
more attractive.

Eat Garlic

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How can Garlic make it more attractive for women? The scent of Garlic in your breath is
usually considered to be a quick romantic snare. However, it is not the case. Several studies
by researchers at Charles University and the National Institute of Mental Health in the Czech
Republic and the University of Stirling in the United Kingdom suggest a different scenario
for body smell.
To be clear, breathing breath that smells of Garlic is disgusting, but eating Garlic can take
you to it on a positive scale.

Wear Red

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Research has shown that a dress that reflects confidence is a great way to make women and
men more attractive to those of the opposite sex, 
Wearing red can make men appear more powerful and successful. When women are wearing
red, they appeal to the primitive desires of men and appear more attractive to men.

Bottom Line

As aforementioned, every guy is not handsome and nice. But, all gents consider how to be
more attractive for women. There are many more ways and things that attract women.

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