best travel destinations 2022

The Best Travel Destinations In 2022 To Spend Your Vacations

Everyone loves to spend their holidays in an unforgettable way preserving peace of mind along with their budget. When it comes to vacations, traveling and holidays, we know how hard it is to choose a place. Do not sweat it, we are here to have your back! We have come up with the best 10 places all around the world to spend your vacation! With that being said, let’s dig into details.

best travel destinations 2022

The Best Travel Destinations In 2022 To Spend Your Vacations


Sometimes, all that we need is to be alone, away from every single human being on earth.
Worry no more, we have got the ideal place for you to enjoy your privacy and a little me time.
The White Continent is all about penguins and seals and you have got nothing to worry about
getting interrupted or disturbed. If so far it sounds good, we suggest, Antarctic summer is the
best time to visit Antarctica.

Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, a colonial city, is famous among travelers. If you have not seen it yet, we suggest you
make Antigua at the top of your bucket list. This city is culturally and historically rich and you
can notice a rapid development in Antigua. Hence, it is much easier to visit now. You might be
wondering about what is there to be worth visiting. Well, new craft breweries, speakeasies,
farm-to-table restaurants, volcano hikes, and community-based tourism are some of them.
There is no time to visit Antigua since there are festivals every month.

Arequipa, Peru

The Best Travel Destinations In 2022 To Spend Your Vacations | Foto di Errin Casano da Pexels

Arequipa is more famous as the White City, which is located in the southern highlands of Peru.
The main square in Arequipa is embellished with dazzling stone sections and curves, in addition
to a noteworthy and emotionless basilica. Make sure to take a free strolling visit through the city,
complete with pisco tasting. Then, at that point, head out into the wild to investigate the nearby
volcanoes and gorges. Remember to look into it; you may discover a condor taking off through
the wide blue sky!

Aswan, Egypt

The Best Travel Destinations In 2022 To Spend Your Vacations |

We know how hard it is to ignore the magnificent pyramids and the Red Sea, but we suggest,
look past those and head to Aswan. Aswan is located more than 500 miles from Cairo. We
suggest taking a flight since it is way more comfortable than a train. You will find master strokes
of archeological engineering. The rock-cut temples of Philae and Abu Simbel were threatened
since the Aswan Low Dam and the Aswan High Dam were constructed. Yet, as a result of the
Nubia Campaign project in the 1960s, UNESCO took action to preserve these ancient

Atacama Desert, Chile

The Best Travel Destinations In 2022 To Spend Your Vacations | Foto di André Sasaki da Pexels

The Atacama Desert is considered one of the driest places on earth. The plus point of being arid
is that it makes this place one of the best stargazing spots and at the same time, the place is
ideal to place an array of telescopes. You might have heard of it, the Atacama Large Millimeter
Array (ALMA) Telescope is there in the heart of the desert. Indeed, you can visit it when the
array is open to the public. We know how exciting this is to astronomy lovers, but trust us, there
is good news for adventurers as well. Atacama desert is home to volcanoes, canyons, lagoons,
and salt flats!

Bacalar, Mexico

The Best Travel Destinations In 2022 To Spend Your Vacations

Most of the time, travelers become a little hesitant to visit Quintana Roo, Mexico once they visit
Tulum. Yes, we are going to talk about something more exciting. We suggest, keep driving
towards the south until you hit the border of Belize. Then you will find the Bacalar, which is a
lakeside town. This town was considered a stop on the backpacker trail and was famous as a
favorite vacation spot among people from Cancun and Chetumal. Yet, in December 2021 a
new, direct flight was introduced from Miami to Chetumal with American Airlines. This will make
Mexico more accessible to America.

Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

The Best Travel Destinations In 2022 To Spend Your Vacations | Foto di Ilya Lisauskas da Pexels

Ashville, North Carolina is rich with microbreweries, restaurants, museums, and hip art galleries.
Blue Ridge Mountain, which is situated at a 2000-foot elevation in Asheville, takes part in the
fine climate all around the year. Also, Biltmore Estate is ideal for an all-day visit. Boone, which is
situated near the Blue Ridge Mountains is rich in scenic beauty. Boon is the best place if you
look forward to spending a calm and quiet vacation or if you want to go on an adventure. The
famous Dan’l Boone Inn is worth mentioning since you can experience delicious flavors from
this place.

Cannon Beach, OR | Oregon Coast

The Best Travel Destinations In 2022 To Spend Your Vacations | Foto di Tim Mossholder da Pexels

Cannon Beach is a cold, often dim, and charismatic town. You can encounter fabulous hiking
views in Ecola State Park and the heavenly taste of seasonal food. At the same time, the local
arts are worth mentioning. You can spend your time watching how glassblowers work and you
will realize, it is one of the best ways to kill your time.

Çeşme, Turkey

What is the point of your life if you have not visited Turkey yet? We are not talking about visiting
Istanbul, we talk about Çeşme and Alaçati. These towns are quite renowned for Ottoman
military remnants and now they are the best places to spend your vacation. Çeşme is ideal if
you are a beach lover and if you are a shopaholic, Alaçati is the best for you. You can also
experience many different indoor and outdoor activities.

The Chesapeake Bay

The Best Travel Destinations In 2022 To Spend Your Vacations | Foto di Mohamed Almari da Pexels

The Atlantic ocean is the choice of most people during the summer but some people head to
Chesapeake to enjoy their summer to the fullest. There are many breathtaking towns on the
eastern shores of Virginia and Maryland. If you are hoping to visit Chesapeake at the end of the
month, make sure to “slurp some O’s and Bo’s”. As in, make sure you enjoy some local oysters
along with National Bohemian beer.

We hope you have enjoyed the best 10 places you can visit to spend your holidays. Do you
have more holiday suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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