best camping in texas

Best Camping In Texas:  8 Great Places to Spend a Weekend

Best Camping in Texas

Are you looking to get away from the city or country for a weekend, but don’t want to spend too much time traveling? Have no fear, Texas offers some great camping spots. Learn more about where to go in Texas and find out why this state has become a favorite destination for those who love camping.

Camping is a great way to experience nature, escape your hectic schedule and reconnect with family and friends. Whether you’re going solo or with a group of your closest friends, camping is a beautiful way to relax, unwind and appreciate the beauty around you. The only downside to camping is having to leave the comforts of home behind. If you’re new to camping, start off slow by finding a reputable campground or RV park before venturing out into the woods alone.

Campgrounds offer a variety of amenities, such as showers, bathrooms, laundry facilities, restaurants, playgrounds, fitness centers and Wi-Fi access. Some campgrounds even provide hookups for RVs. Be sure to check each campground’s individual policies regarding pets, smoking, activities, number of guests allowed, etc.

1. Big Bend National Park

This beautiful national park is located in Texas, USA. The area is known for its natural beauty and wildlife. There are over 200 geologic features within the park.
Big Bend National Park was established in 1936 and covers approximately 872 square miles of rugged wilderness. An estimated 3 million visitors visit the park every year.

Big Bend National Park has been featured in numerous movies, TV shows, and music videos. This park has become synonymous with American frontier history, including its depiction in Clint Eastwood’s film “Unforgiven”. The park is also home to plenty of animals such as snakes, lizards, birds, fish, turtles, deer, rabbits, opossums, squirrels, raccoons, armadillos, and coyotes.

The official name of the park is Big Bend National Park.

Best Camping In Texas:  8 Great Places to Spend a Weekend

2. Guadalupe River State park

Guadalupe River State park is located between San Antonio Texas and Austin Texas. The Guadalupe river flows through the park at its widest point (60 miles) and narrows down considerably before ending up in Lake Buchanan. The river was named after the Spanish explorer Juan De Ugalde who explored the area around 1563. There is also evidence that the indigenous inhabitants of the region called the river by the name, Chokee or Cucui.

The park offers boat rentals and tours along the river. Visitors can take guided day trips or overnight cruises. Campers can rent campsites, cabins, or RV sites. The park has over 8,000 acres of land and offers camping, hiking, fishing, boating, swimming, and horseback riding.
There is no doubt that Guadalupe River State Park is a beautiful place to visit. In addition to being a great outdoor recreation site, it is home to numerous wildlife species such as alligators, birds such as herons and egrets, and even reptiles like snakes and turtles. And because the park sits on a major waterway, it also provides a habitat for manatees, otters, and other aquatic animals.

3. Colorado Bend State Park

Colorado Bend State Park has beautiful scenery, including waterfalls, hiking trails, swimming pools, nature centers and picnic areas. The park was chosen by Outdoors Magazine as one of America’s Best National Parks. There are also plenty of activities for kids, such as fishing, boating, and kayaking. If you love camping, Colorado Bend State Park offers some of the best campsites around.
Located in southeast Texas, Colorado Bend State Park is home to 7,086 acres of land, including 2,500 acres of wetlands. The park consists of three lakes, several beaches, and multiple campgrounds.
This state park provides a variety of recreational opportunities, from picnicking to fishing to bird watching.

Best Camping In Texas:  8 Great Places to Spend a Weekend

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4. Mustang Island State Park

What is a good destination for someone who wants to see wildlife and wilderness, especially in Texas?
Mustang Island State Park in Texas offers visitors over 100 miles of trails. This natural sanctuary has become a mecca for animal lovers and birdwatchers alike. The park also provides amazing opportunities for fishing and swimming as well as hiking and camping.
Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on visiting Mustang Island State Park.

Best Camping In Texas:  8 Great Places to Spend a Weekend

5. Balmorhea State Park

Balmorhea is a state park located in Texas. It has beautiful scenery and historical features. The park was established in 1932.
When I heard about the park, I knew it would be fun to visit. There are hiking trails, a museum, a golf course, swimming pools, even a zoo!
As my family and I explored the park, we learned a lot about its history, why it gets its name, and some fun facts about this place.

6. Brazos Bend State Park

Best Camping In Texas:  8 Great Places to Spend a Weekend

BEND COUNTY – Brazos Bend State Park is located in a remote area of Central Texas, along Lake Meredith, about a 4 hour drive from Houston or Dallas. The park is only accessible by boat, so if you want to visit, you’ll need to book a trip with a guide service.
Brazos Bend State Park was established in 1963 to preserve the natural resources of the nearby lake and provide visitors with access to its pristine beauty.

During these years, the park saw several major improvements. In 2015, the state of Texas purchased the land surrounding the park and donated it to the state, giving it a total size of 623 acres.

This expansion provided new amenities such as cabins, bathrooms, picnic tables, hiking trails and a marina.

Brazos Bend State park provides a unique experience. Visitors can explore Lake Meredith and enjoy nature while being surrounded by lush landscapes. While the park offers plenty of activities, you should also plan to spend some time relaxing outdoors.

7. Brazos Bend State Park

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? If yes, then you should definitely visit Brazos Bend State Park in Texas. This state park was established in 1967 and provides visitors with acres of natural beauty, hiking trails, camping sites, fishing spots, playgrounds, and even a museum.
Although the state’s largest state parks are located in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Galveston, Brazos Bend State Park has become an extremely popular destination since its establishment. The park covers over 7,500 acres and offers several recreational activities. Some of these include hiking, biking, swimming, visiting museums, and exploring historical events.

There are plenty of things to do at Brazos Bend State Park. From picnics and bird watching to camping and boating, there are endless possibilities to enjoy nature at its finest. Also, don’t forget to check out the historic buildings dating back to the early 20th century. These structures provide some amazing insight into the history of Texas.

8. Caddo Lake State Park

What drives visitors to Caddo Lake State Park during the summer months?
Located in North Louisiana, the park covers over 900 acres in Bossier City, LA. The area was once home to the Choctaw Indians and their settlements. The first Europeans arrived in the late 1700s, establishing a town called Bogue Chitto. The region has been part of the state since 1805.

Caddo Lake State park is a great place to spend a day outside enjoying nature, fishing, boating or swimming. Visitors come from across Louisiana, Texas and even Oklahoma. Those who live near the park often also visit because they enjoy the convenience of being close to shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Best Camping In Texas:  8 Great Places to Spend a Weekend

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